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Hi, I'm Farrar Duro.

I'm a licensed acupuncture physician and reproductive oriental medicine practitioner who helps women improve their PCOS symptoms naturally and boost their fertility by giving them the lifelong tools to succeed no matter what obstacles they may face.

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how to regulate your cycle using the right supplements and time-tested Chinese herbal formulas along with...

The perfect strategies for boosting your fertility, getting rid of fatigue and upping your libido? 

Precisely the right amount of portions to manage weight gain and how to eliminate cravings at their source?

Easy exercise and meal planning strategies that you could incorporate easily into your daily routine? 

What if you could feel confident that for the rest of your life you had a plan that you could rely on? 

The Good News...PCOS Doesn't Have to be Complicated.

Meghan's Story:

"At the same time of starting with Dr. Duro, I started with the IVF clinic. How thankful I am that I started with her at the same time, because every week I would walk in with my list of questions about what was being tested and what was found and what the plan was. Every week she answered every question and explained things in a way that I was able to start understanding. So, in addition to all of the help the acupuncture, supplements and herbs contributed, the support I got was priceless!"

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How she overcame her painful cycles and vicious mood swings using time-tested strategies...

"My journey began at the age of 16. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian syndrome (PCOS). My periods were occurring twice per month. Lasting for more than a week, while I was doubled over in pain. My weight was unstable and kept fluctuating. My mood swings were also uncontrollable. I began to accept this as the norm and was left without any hope. After seeing several medical providers, I was told that my thyroid was perfectly fine and I did not need to take any medication. When I finally reached my twenties, I sought help. Eastern Medicine became the solution that I looked for after years of struggling. My first consultation with Dr. Duro really opened my eyes to alternative medicine. After several months of treatment and Chinese herbs, my cycle and symptoms improved remarkably. I strongly encourage you to be open minded when it comes to your health. Seek out the appropriate care, because you are not alone in this journey. "

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